FAQs About Cutting the Cord on Cable

FAQs About Cutting the Cord on Cable or Satellite

If you have always had cable, it can be challenging to see yourself leaving.  Many people have questions before taking the plunge.  Here are some common questions consumers have about cancelling cable.

Is Letting Go Worth It?

In most cases it is possible to save significant money when you get rid of your cable contract.  The average bill is over $200 a month.  Even if you spend $75 a month on internet service, it is possible to reap significant savings with streaming.  However, do the math to see if you will save money by cancelling your cable contract and how much.  Not everyone will save, but most will. 

Don't overlook canceling or pausing your streaming services when you don't need them.

How Do I Get Streaming on My TV?

Streaming is overwhelming to people who have always relied on satellite or cable to get their content.  Thankfully, it's not very difficult. With a contract service, you get everything to your TV via a cable cord.  Streaming doesn't require a cord.  You receive your content via the internet to your tv.  

All of those cords you're currently using are no longer necessary.  If you have a recently produced smart TV, it will have many of the apps you need.  If your TV is older, a streaming device plugged into the HDMI port of your set will accomplish the same thing.

Can I Record TV Shows Without Cable?

A DVR is what many cable companies use to keep customers.  They promise the ability to record whatever you want and claim you don't get a DVR with a streaming service. This is false. Most live TV streaming services offer a cloud DVR for you to record shows, movies, and live sports.  In fact, some even offer unlimited recording capabilities. If you choose a video streaming app, you can watch content whenever you wish. In that case, there is no need to worry. 

Bottom Line

It is no longer necessary to stay in an expensive contract to watch your favorite shows or live sports. You can often get the content you want for less than the average cable bill of $200 a month.

Do your homework before cutting the cord.  Determine the channels and features you must have, and try several free trials, just remember to cancel them if you do not want to continue the service.