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Consumer Loans

The loans you need for the life you want. 

Maybe the kitchen needs new cabinets or the car needs to be replaced. Perhaps you need to consolidate debt or just want to relax far away from home. We can help. Take advantage of our competitive rates and personal service.

In the market for a new or used vehicle?

A fixed rate installment loan is easy to budget, with set payments and a guaranteed interest rate for the entire term of the loan.

We offer competitive rates with no penalty for early payoff.
Ready to veer off the beaten path and create the perfect getaway with your family and friends?

Our recreational vehicle loans allow you to purchase that new ATV, boat or RV you’ve had your eye on.

We offer the following types of loans:

  • Motorcycle
  • Boat
  • Travel Trailer
  • Motor Home
  • Jet Ski
  • UTV
  • ATV 
Get one simple monthly payment. 

A debt consolidation loan combines high-interest debt, like credit cards, into one manageable personal loan. Some advantages of debt consolidation loans include, lower interest rates, fixed monthly payments, and fewer payment due dates to track. 
Did you know that you can use your Certificate of Deposit (CD) as collateral to secure a loan?
This is a little-known, and under-utilized option that can be used to make a purchase. It is also an excellent way for people with little or no credit history to establish credit or improve a low credit score.
Your CD will continue to accrue interest during the loan period, so you’ll continue to gain more money in that CD even though you’ve “repurposed” the money on another expense.

Everything you need in one convenient card. 

Choose the card that's just right for you - low rates or rewards, and a world of additional advantages with Mastercard. 

  • Flexible rewards
  • Low introductory rate
  • Exceptional features and benefits
  • No annual fee

Enjoy state-of-the-art security, hometown convenience and personal customer service located within the U.S.

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†Cards are underwritten and issued by TIB The Independent BankersBank, N.A. under the expressed written consent of The Community State Bank.