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Early financial planning and savings discipline contributes to future financial success.     

Here are some "little" tips from The Community State Bank for the little ones in your life.

Start your Little Partners Savings Account- with pocket change, birthday money, or holiday gift money. With a Little Partners Savings Account children will be able to save the money and bring it to any of our locations.  They can put it through our coin counters and bring the ticket to a teller to deposit into their own account.

TCSB Piggy Bank – You will receive a TCSB Piggy Bank after opening your Little Partners Savings Account.

Start Saving for College – By starting early, when a child is in preschool or before, you can build a realistic fund through the power of compounding over many years. The earlier you start, the less you'll have to save per month.

The Community State Bank also offers a great educational tool to help your child learn the importance of Saving, Sharing, Spending and Investing.  It’s a great on-line tool, called "Banzai!".  Your child can access it on the website and have hours of fun, while learning the importance of real life situations, that require decision making and budgeting.  Click here for “Banzai!”