Merchant Card Services

With everyone using debit and credit cards for purchases, we offer merchant services to enhance the competitive position of your business, resulting in increased sales, repeat business and less cash on premises. We offer this with in house bank support, no contract to sign and cost efficiency.  Please choose the program that best fits your business needs.


  • 2.60% of net sale if card can be read by terminal
  • 2.80% of net sale if card is input by hand and authorization is given
  • 3.25% of net sale if card is not accepted by the first 2 methods and card center is called for authorization
  • $.25 per sales slip
  • $.18 authorization fee if processed by the terminal
  • $.60 authorization fee if authorized by call center
  • $2.50 monthly fee 

ETC Touchtone (card center transactions only)

  • 2.80% of net sale if processed by phone call
  • 3.25% of net sale if special card is used
  • $.25 per sales slip
  • $.30 watts call
  • $.63 voice operator
  • $2.50 Monthly fee
For American Express Touchtone Only
Separate merchant ID required through American Express.  Additional fees may apply
  • $.05 per sales slip
  • $.15 authorized call
  • $.60 call center authorization

*You can use a cell phone for ETC if it’s a touchtone that can use * or #.  

Additional charges
Set Up fee $25.00
Imprinter $30.00
Annual fee $35.00  (deducted in January)
Return & Correction   $5.00 each
Chargeback fee       $10.00 each (if American Express is processed through

Terminals may be purchased through TCSB – call for more information  918-647-1818


  • Merchant must provide the type of iPhone , Android, iPad, or Blackberry (Make/Model/Version)
  • Merchant must provide the Iphone, Android, iPad, or Blackberry phone number.
  • Merchant must provide an email address.

Compatible Card Reader at $75.00 to include shipping.  

In addition to regular Merchant fees there is:
One Time Set UP Fee $35.00
Monthly Fee $10.00
Per Item fees      $ -0-