Service Fees

Amortization Schedule$10.00
Charged Back Items$4.00
Check Cashing — Non-Customers$5.00
Coins Processing — Non-Customers10%
Collection Fee — Customers / Non-Customers$5.00 / $10.00
Computer Printout$1.00
Copies (each)$1.00
Standard Debit/ATM Card (Initial Card)No Charge
Standard Debit/ATM Card PIN Reissue$5.00
Standard Debit/ATM Card (Reissue)$5.00
Mascot Debit Card (Initial Card)$10.00
Mascot Debit Card (Reissue)$10.00
Mascot Debit Card PIN Reissue$5.00
Foreign ATM Fees (each)$2.50
Fax (each page)$1.00
Filmed Item Reproduction$5.00
Insufficient Funds (NSF) Fee$28.00
Paid Item OD Fee $28.00
Legal Processing — Garnishment/Levy Processing Fee$40.00
Money Orders — Customers / Non-Customers$2.00 / $5.00
Night Deposit Bag with Lock & Key — $20.00
Notary Service — Customers / Non-Customers$2.00 / $5.00
Official Check — Customers / Non-Customers$2.00 / $5.00

$10.00 minimum

Special Request / Duplicate Statement$5.00
Statement Reconciliation (per hour)$20.00

$10.00 minimum

Stop Payments (each)$20.00
Telephone Transfer$1.00
Temporary Checks (each)$0.25
Temporary Statement$2.00
Wire Transfers$25.00
Wire Transfers — Incoming$12.00
Wire Transfers — Foreign$40.00
Zipper Deposit Bag$5.00
New Account Closed Fee

(New account closed within 60 days of opening)


We reserve the right to change fees for all services.

Revised 06.01.13