Core Value Statement

The Community State Bank's core value statement reads as follows: "We build relationships by adding value to the people we serve." What does that mean to you? We live by three values that will help us live up to our statement of values.

1. Building Self-Esteem

In all relationships with customers and employees we are committed to building self-esteem through positive influence and focusing on the best in others. By building self-esteem through handling all personal relationships with courtesy, honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, and trust, we make employees and customers feel better about themselves and our relationships will grow. The key to success of this value is being honest with everyone we deal with—most importantly honest with ourselves.

2. Understanding Spirit

We strive to build relationships based on trust, past experience, confidentiality, and integrity. We will provide an atmosphere that attracts and retains employees and fosters pride in this organization. We encourage employees to provide extraordinary customer care seeking to understand the circumstances before making recommendations or rendering a service. The knowledge and wisdom we impart will help to protect and add value to the people we serve.

3. Personal & Professional Growth

We are committed to personal and professional growth through continuous learning and improved communication with our staff and customers. By doing this we will develop the foresight and credibility needed to provide innovative service and products to customers.

Our plan is to use these values as a litmus test against everything we do in our Bank. It is our desire for you to see a unique difference in our Bank as we apply these standards to the operations and the way we service your financial needs.